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Business Model Canvas
The Business Model Canvas was first created by the folks at Strategyzer.  Osterwalder released this visual business planning tool around 2008 and it has gained broad adoption by professionals engaged in business development in general, and start-ups in particular. The video included here is courtesy of Steve Blank who helped to popularize the BMC through his two books: "The Four Steps to the Epiphany" and "The Start-up Owners Manual".

This is the basic business planning methodology that we apply to business development projects.

Apr 2 2021
9 Parts of the Business Model Canvas
Sean Irvine

We see all business development projects as start-ups and use the Business Model Canvas approach to developing opportunities.  The link below offers the Wikipedia overview of the technique.  It has become common around start-up thinking and originated with Alexander Osterwalder in 2005.  

More about the Business Model Canvas

The business model canvas identifies four types of market opportunities. Every business development project can be characterized as either a new market, an existing market, a segmented market, or a clone market. This blog thread is intended to get you started. Reach out to us for assistance if you need related consulting support.

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Apr 2 2021
The Lean Start-up
Sean Irvine

The Lean LaunchPad, How to Build a Startup Course Overview

Apr 2 2021
Introducing Our Big Example
Sean Irvine

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